Twisted Lime is an integural part of our business.


It controls the large scale outdoor events. The team specialise in the building and operations of the Mobile bars on site. They have a wealth of experience and are trained to high standard.


Why choose us?


  • Dial into our huge economy of scale – so we can give you the strongest financial deal possible

  • We design and build the bars in keeping with your event

  • A proven track record of growing your bar income

  • It’s our speciality and a completely hassle-free service 




What festival bar services do we offer?



  • Completely self-contained service, we manage every element and let you concentrate on your show.

  • Fully trained, highly experienced and loyal staff – many have been with us for 5+ years

  • High quality products, efficient bar setups, minimal queueing

  • Accountable, fully audit-able management of stock & cash

  • Representation of your brands and sponsorship deals

  • Themed bars & event production – pub, cocktail bar, log cabin, tiki

  • Brand activation bars – cocktails, specialist bars









Twisted lime Mobile Bar Hire

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